Dog Rose (Rosa canina)

Dog Rose
Dog Rose (Rose canina)


Dog Roses (Rosa canina) form prickly tangles highlighted with beautiful, pink flowers. They can be so tangled that folks have thought them to be Blackberries.

Dog Roses, like all Roses, bring peace. The beautiful flower, showing from a tangle of worldly thorns, suggests peace within trouble.

All the Roses cool and soothe, a tea made from the fresh petals is a sure way to relax and soothe the mind. Using Rose Oil is a very common way for people to seek peace  and heal heartache.

Dog Roses provide fruit, in the form of Rose Hips. These are full of Vitamin C and flavonoids, compounds that help heal capillaries and reduce inflammation and heat (there’s that ‘soothing’ nature again!). The high levels of these compounds also suggest a role in helping fight a cold or infection, especially one with fever and restlessness of mind.

Don’t eat Rose Hips though, there’s lots of little hairs inside that can cause strife in one’s mouth and throat. Rather, steep them in hot water to make a pleasant tea.