Water efficiency

wp-image-1618417553jpg.jpgHere’s where we’re at, reviewed on 02/04/17


Replace roof and guttering (DONE)

Rain tanks  before winter (installation and drainage)

  • 2 X 1000 litres at the back (DONE)

  • 1 X 300 litres …at the front (DONE)

  • 1 X 1000 litres at the front

BONUS 750l tank added at the front!

Buy and connect pump to pump water from one of the rear tanks to a 750l tank  at the front (DONE)

Run pipe all the way from cream tank to 750l tank (DONE)

Run pipe from cream tank to 300l tank at front (DONE)

Manifold to allow switching of pipes at cream tank (DONE)

Add more mulch to garden and gravel to the paths. Make the front a giant sponge to release water slowly (DONE)


  • install for front (DONE)

  • install for back

variable drippers used  on all perennials, sprinklers on annuals (DONE)

find the best sprinklers for the front

best plants for garden – low water needs

best plant positions – shade makes soil less evaporative

Water saving shower head (DONE)


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