Aloe Vera (Aloe vera)

Aloe Vera flowers

Aloe Vera is a very famous herb, but some folks aren’t aware of its full potential.

We all know of the soothing gel that can be found in the leaves. Aloe is well known for dry skin disorders, burns and cuts, but did you know it has other uses?

The gel’s soothing nature can be used to settle stomach problems, especially those caused by inflammation. It also feeds the gut biota and keeps them healthy.

Taken internally, Aloe vera is quite the potent laxative. It is the yellow latex that is found beneath the skin of a leaf is such a powerful laxative and sometimes emetic that it takes a little experience to use it.

If you your pipes are in need of an urgent, thorough, cleaning, there’s little better than a spoonful of Aloe!