Pigface (Caprobrotus rosii)

Pigface flower
A Pigface flower


Caprobrotus rossii is one of the sprawling, local native succulents called ‘Pigface’.

This is the one that, in summer, bears succulent fruit from where the pink or purple flowers were between April and October.

These fruit are a popular bushfood, as, when squeezed out (you don’t eat the skin), they have the texture of a fig, and the taste of strawberry! They are wonderful dipped in chocolate and eaten with ice cream. The fruits get pinker as they age. The pinker the better. The insides of a nearly dry fruit are very tasty too, but in a way thats different from the ripe fruit.

The juice from the fresh leaves can be used in much the same way as Aloe vera, for sunburn, bites and stings. They can be cooked, usually roasted. Flowers are a beautiful purple with a  yellow centre and are very abundant.


Pigface is a sprawling plant.


Pigface fruits
Pigface fruits



close up of a pigface fruit
A Pigface fruit in close up