We’re not doing this to make a lot of money, but it does consume a lot of our resources. We gladly accept any small donations that may come our way, so if you’re flush and want to chip in a little for our maintenance and projects, here’s how you can do it…



We also take cryptocurrency. Our wallet adresses are –

Bitcoin 13YQViiC5oXyPQYCx1UsmXNnfAb36Wx4Hj

Gridcoin SLC8KD3tFSdKgYEHqrpX8LF3NgfcDAgvto

Etherium 0x3913fdf9517ab4a3ea1bef8f4c85d18769d2661b



LETS Units (our number is ALSA0491 if you want to donate or trade through CES)


or you can just drop something in the mailbox if you’re passing by!

We assure you that any donations will go toward maintenance or development of projects.