Boobiala (Myoporum insulare)

purple berries of Myoporum insulare
At the right time of year, there are more of these berries around than anyone could possibly use!


People use these berries now to make gin
These berries are used to make Australian gin


Boobiala (Myoporum insulare) has masses of slightly astringent purple berries in summer. I’ve seen kilometres of them along roadsides at the right time of year. The berries are kind of astringent and remind me of turpentine, but some folks love them!

Another name for this tree is ‘Native Juniper’, as the taste of the berries is remniscent of that of juniper. They are being used to make Australian gin by some smart folks.

Boobiala shows its flowers from roughly August to October. The flowers are white with purple spots and grow, on short stems, in the angle where leaf and stem meet. It has thick, fleshy leaves with a vein in the middle.