Liquid gold!

Bokashi gold!

I’ve been fiddling for a while trying to work out a way to extend the Bokashi liquid that we buy from the shops.

I’m happy that I’ve finally got a system that provides consistent results.

It is ridiculously simple. All it takes is –

1/4 cup of commercial Bokashi liquid

1/2 cup of molasses

5ml of Seasol

2 litres of filtered or rain water.

All you do is mix them all up, put them in a container of the appropriate size, leaving the lid a little loose, or use some other way to release the gas that builds up such as a daily ‘burping’.

Leave the container in a warm place for a couple of weeks (the time wil depend on the temperature).

You will notice small bubbles forming on the surface. This is carbon dioxide that comes from the activities of the microbes in the mix as they eat the molasses and Seasol and breed like crazy. This activity will also cause the liquid to heat up a bit too.

You may notice a little sedimentation at the bottom of your container. I assume this is solid waste from the critters in the mix. When you see this, or a layer of cloudiness at the bottom, your mix is ready to go!

At this stage, the result is as good as the liquid you buy in spray bottles.

Now here’s a thing…If you leave the liquid for longer (in my case, over a month), the liquid thickens considerably and can be used in the same way as the liquid that forms in the bottom of the Bokashi buckets.

So there you go. You can extend the life of your bottle of Bokashi liquid greatly using this simple method.



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