Bokashi liquid

bokashi liquid

bokashi liquid
Liquid gold from the Bokashi bin


Over the last four months I’ve been experimenting with Bokashi composting. A lot of claims have been made online about this anaerobic composting method.  I’ll be making a whole page related to composting soon and will feature this.

One thing that I can confirm about the properties of the liquid that drains from the compost is that it is excellent for cleaning drains.

The claim I saw online was that the Effective Micro-organisms that do the work in the Bokashi composting method can colonize ones drains and help remove and prevent clogging.

We’ve had frequent trouble with this in the past, so I gave it a go.

Once a week, I drained off the liquid from the Bokashi bin and poured it down the most troublesome drains.

The verdict? It works! I have unclogged all of our drains using no other method beside using the Bokashi liquid. No manual removal of clogs, no other drain cleaners, just this wonderful liquid.

I’m a convert, even if it is just for this!


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